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For some cultures, hunting has been a means of provision expressly depended on for survival. It not only provided a way of life but a means of economic stability through trade. As it has evolved over time into the present, it has also become a recreational activity and even a means for wildlife management. Federal and state regulations, guidelines and ordinances work together in order to allow man to interact with nature just as he has for hundreds of years while keeping a harmonious and safe balance with nature. Hunting is a combination of skill, patience and deep respect for one's quarry and its environment.

In the beginning, primitive hunting is believed to have been little more than chasing an animal down until it was tired and then using a spear or other implement at close range. Over time, advances in weaponry allowed animals to be taken as much further distances. This is especially true with the invention of the gun or rifle. This made hunts not only more successful but safer. With the domestication of animals, hunting took the form of a recreational activity. The wealthy began using the hunt as a symbol of status. Now, hunting is a multibillion dollar industry that includes private, corporate and government entities.

Because this activity so closely affects the balance of nature, laws and regulations have become a necessary aspect of hunting. To keep disastrous effects from resulting, hunters must cooperate and adhere to all rules and regulations in order to ensure consistent annual yields. To hunt animals for the purpose of wildlife management is in part a practice that requires constant scientific study and measure using state of the art, controlled methods. These methods keep hunters from taking to much or too little game. The hunting rights of Native American cultures bear exception to some laws as certain types of game are central to their culture and way of life.

In many parts of the globe, countries rely on revenue not just from the results of a hunt but from the actual business of hunting. One of the fastest growing aspects of the international tourism industry has to do with exotic game hunts. For example, numerous countries in Africa have found great success in the business of supplying exotic game hunters with thrilling adventures. The out of the ordinary locations and animals can provide just the unique experience many hunters thirst for. This not only gives a country revenue but also provides income for local villages that employ guides, trackers, camp hosts and other necessary employees.

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