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´╗┐Choosing the Best Fit in Elk Hunting Outfitters


For those big game hunters who dream of an outdoor adventure in the wilds of Wyoming, Montana or New Mexico, elk hunting outfitters are the way to go. Not only do these locally owned businesses know their way around an elk hunt, they also know every nuance of state hunting laws and licensing requirements. This allows for a hunt that is safe, legal and secure all the way around. These types of businesses depend on producing a top of the line experience for their clients and a good reputation in the hunting community is crucial. Many elk hunting outfitters go above and beyond the call of duty to make their client's big game dreams come true.

With so many offering their services, choosing between elk hunting outfitters can seem somewhat overwhelming. Locating outfitters in a specific geographic area is usually the first and easiest step. For the most part, discerning which outfitter suits one's personal preferences can narrow the choices down to a navigable field. Obviously, if one prefers public hunting grounds, then selecting an outfitter who guides on public land is the first choice. Some outfitters offer easy access to quarry while others insist on using skill in tracking, bugling and marksmanship for success. Some trips are only for rifle hunters while some are only for bow hunters. Outfitters also have size limits on hunting parties.

When it comes to providing the best hunting experience possible, elk hunting outfitters tend to offer a number of other options. Seasoned hunters who don't need much in the way of guidance can opt for drop camping while the first timer can take a guided tour with an experienced huntsman provided by the outfitter. Some elk hunting outfitters offer all the amenities, from a lodge to cabins to high quality meal services. Others provide a complete camping experience with wall tents, horses and a small sack lunch. With years of experience, outfitters have the ability to assess the skill of guest hunters and ensure the hunt is challenging without becoming overly difficult.

A most important trait for reputable elk hunting outfitters is whether or not they are licensed and how long they have been in business. Opt for services that have experienced guides not only in hunting but in emergency training also. Choosing an outfitter strictly based on price is never the best way to go. A higher price does not always mean better quality and opting for bargain basement prices can mean getting exactly what you pay for- almost nothing. Always note the methods of payment offered and any cancellation policies set forth by the outfitter. There should always be an address or phone number available for contacting the outfitter should any questions arise.

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Randall E. Cusick - Daily Herald

Randall E. Cusick
Daily Herald
A California native, born January 7, 1949, he spent most of his summers outdoors with his brother and cousins in Minersville, Utah. Randy was born for the country and wide open spaces. It has been said by those who knew him best, that he was born 100 ...

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Life on the Edge - Natural History Magazine

Life on the Edge
Natural History Magazine
Mountain goats could not be managed as intensively as deer, elk, and pronghorn, for example, and wildlife and land managers were slow to limit goat harvests and curb motorized travel in goat ranges. In 1988, Alberta closed goat hunting province-wide.


Moose make a surprising move into Utah's Range Creek - Salt Lake Tribune

Moose make a surprising move into Utah's Range Creek
Salt Lake Tribune
"It is interesting they are in that area," said Dan MacNulty, an assistant professor of wildlife ecology at Utah State University and part of a team conducting moose research in northern Utah. ... State wildlife officials spotted roughly a dozen moose ...


Feds: No wolves to roam in Grand Canyon - Arizona Daily Sun

Feds: No wolves to roam in Grand Canyon
Arizona Daily Sun
Wolves spreading out of Yellowstone National Park into Montana's upper Gallatin River basin have triggered the regeneration of streamside willows gone for 70 years by restoring an "ecology of fear" that changes the way elk eat. (AP Photo/US Fish ...


Sportsmen fear loss of prime BLM hunting grounds through land transfer tucked ... - Santa Fe New Mexican.com

Sportsmen fear loss of prime BLM hunting grounds through land transfer tucked ...
Santa Fe New Mexican.com
... withdraw from public access 300,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land in Southern New Mexico. Sportsmen claim the area, which would be transferred to the adjacent White Sands Missile Range, contains some prime elk and deer hunting territory ...

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