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Oregon Elk Hunting and the Happiest Place on Earth


For many hunters, Oregon elk hunting is the equivalent of Disneyland in Florida. The opportunity to hunt such a clever creature in one of the most serenely beautiful settings in America is a common desire of many outdoor sportsmen. Along with a number of other states, Oregon has discovered that there is a way to strike a balance with nature while boosting the state's economy through big game hunts. Incorporating better conservation practices has allowed the state's elk population to not only flourish but produce healthier bulls and cows. This means with a little planning, a hunter's Oregon elk hunting dream can easily become a reality.

When opting for Oregon elk hunting, many find they have a number of choices to make when it comes to putting their trip together. Regardless of skill level or experience, there are a number of guide services available that will work relentlessly at helping a hunter bag his or her elk for the season. Seasoned hunters who have vast experience under their belt hunting elk may only need their firearm, a bedroll and a bare basics service. Others may desire to go with an outfitter that takes care of all the details from licensing to transportation. Many of these services offer amenities such as heated tents and daily meal service while on the hunt.

While the choice between basic or full service outfitters is a matter of preference, a majority of hunters do opt to use a guide regardless of their level of experience. A guide that is competent and knowledgeable will know all the ins and outs of Oregon elk hunting. They provide helpful hints and advice on the local habitat and its conditions, elk behavior and the best way to make bugling sound as realistic as possible. They will not only get hunters to the right spots and facilitate the elk hunting process to the best of their ability, they will be able to help in moving the massive kill once it is down. Many find the support of a guide to be an invaluable aspect of elk hunting.

Guides for Oregon elk hunting can be found working both private and public hunting grounds. Once it is decided which region or area of the state one will hunt in, finding the right guide service is a matter of research and investigation. Legitimate guide services are licensed and generally present their number to prospective clients without ever being asked. It is likely that the more amenities and services an outfitter offers, the more expensive the hunting trip will be. Those who provide their own meals and equipment and opt to try their luck without a guide will find themselves spending less. Either way, the opportunity for the hunt is one that will give a lifetime of memories, whether the hunt is successful or not.

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Big-game hunting is big money for Colorado
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Students bring back lights to honor classmate's memory
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