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´╗┐The Basic Draws of Bow Hunting Elk


Hunting elk has never been considered an easy task but bow hunting elk can offer just the perfect level of challenge many hunters are looking for. Assessing the terrain, getting close, bugling and taking the shot all have their place for those who choose this method of hunting. One must be able to combine a number of variables in a very short period of time in order to ensure success. For example, knowing how to quickly choose a trustworthy location from which to take the perfect shot requires skill. One must also know the capabilities and limitations of their equipment as well as devote many hours of practice to making the particular broadside shot that will bring down this massive animal.

Bow hunting elk requires that hunters to get fairly close to their quarry. While some hunters prefer to move in toward their target, others like to get close, bugle and then move away, mimicking a cow on the move and leading a bull into a certain location. Many find it is easier to set up and wait for the animal to make an entrance than to sneak up on this creature known for its ultra sensitive ability for detecting danger. The shot must be made with special arrows strong enough to pierce the thick hide, cartilage and internal organs of large game animals.

Because one must get so close when bow hunting elk, recognizing a solid location in which to take a shot becomes crucial. Many hunters do not realize just how large an elk actually is until the animal is upon them. Not only are elk larger than life, their behaviors, mating rituals and distinctive bugle have been known to outright intimidate even the most experienced of hunters. Whether the animal is timid or aggressive, it is important to never put oneself in a bad position just to get close. The unpredictability of hunting is the number one reason safety plays such a major role in this sport.

Bow hunting elk requires that one understand the necessity of what is called a broadside shot. Although an elk may bolt for a number of yards, this type of shot placed just behind the shoulder ensures that both lungs will be pierced eventually taking the animal down. Many seasoned bow hunters decline the straight on chest shot for fear of hitting only one lung and losing their quarry when it bounds off. When this happens, many find that by the time the elk is tracked down, the meat is of no use. This is why so many find bow hunting elk the great challenge that it is and work so very hard to perfect their shot.

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