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The Ultimate Prize of Trophy Elk Hunting


Trophy elk hunting is as much about the challenge as it is about getting the kill. While the elk population continues to thrive, outfitters offering trophy elk hunting tend to be a popular pick when the fall season rolls around. The opportunity to bag a trophy elk is a dream come true for many hunters. However, this highly regarded endeavor is known for requiring much in the way of effort. Those who opt for trophy elk hunting find that it will not only entail patience, good instinct and marksmanship but willpower and excellent physical stamina. For most, this type of hunt often occurs only in the deepest parts of the wilds in rough terrain. It can be a rather pricey option and, on top of this, there are no guarantees of success.

Outfitters offering trophy elk hunting consistently monitor nearby vicinities for the movement of large bulls throughout the year. When the fall hunting season comes, guides can effectively lead guest hunters into areas that are known to have shown the presence of trophy elk. These are areas that the average hunter would not be able to find without the careful help of an experienced guide. Because these hunting locales are most likely to be open and unhindered, there can be no guaranteed kills; however, for the true hunter the thrill of the hunt and the impact of the learning experience means as much as getting the trophy.

For some, the option of trophy elk hunting presents itself on managed game preserves where the stock and quality of elks available are controlled with careful conservation practices. While some feel that preserve hunting, often called canned hunting, is not legitimate and does not fit the traditional definition of what hunting should be, they do solve several problems. For the most part, a game preserve fits in with today's busy lifestyle. There are not many who have the time to scout for elk or go on long hunting trips. The quality of elk are managed to be large and healthy, the success of bagging a trophy elk is markedly higher while the cost of the hunt is markedly lower.

While it all comes down to a matter of preference, trophy elk hunting is found to be a thrilling and awe inspiring experience in either venue. For many states, careful conservation is the key to keeping their revenue from hunting resources in good shape. Without worry as to where healthy elk can be found, hunters can focus on other aspects of their trip. They have a choice of states, terrains, private or public grounds and guided or unguided hunts. No matter where they end up, most hunters are just glad for the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

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